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Bedroom furniture accessories


Bedroom furniture accessories

Introduction of Bedroom furniture accessories

The king size leather bed which has been crafted for unbeatable comfort and cosiness. Not only is it large and luxurious it is utilitarian as well. Best quality wood makes it durable and sophisticated cushion makes it relaxing.


The engineering of the bed is in accordance with the perfect posture of the back and the legs. It is highly durable and will be seen in your bedroom for many decades to come. 2 postmodern nightstands on both sides of the bed look completely adorable with their combination colours.


On the left there is a bedroom wall mirror complementing the bedroom furniture. The glass is emphatically clear and is of superb quality compared to other mirrors in the market.


All this luxury furniture is a result of deep detailing, years of experience and undoubtable knowledge.

Details of Bedroom furniture accessories

NAME MARETIAL main material subsidiary  material size
JB75-04dresser body;Grey Diamond OxhideLJ063WJ(inner)+grey burnished crocodile oxhideLH0101SQ(outer)+stainless steel
panel/door panel;primula in walnut colorM01
side door/dawerpanel:Grey Diamond OxhideLJ063WJ+stainless steel
medium density fiberboard 1500*500*850H
JB75-05chest of drawers body;Grey Diamond OxhideLJ063WJ(inner)+grey burnished crocodile oxhideLH0101SQ(outer)+stainless steel
drawerpanel;primula in walnut colorM01
drawerpanel;Grey Diamond OxhideLJ063WJ+stainless steel (the second drawer face)
medium density fiberboard 700*500*1350H
JM75-01mirror frame :grey burnished crocodile oxhideLH0101SQ+stainless steel ; LEATHER medium density fiberboard 904*50*904H

Photos of Bedroom furniture accessories

dresserchest of drawerdressing mirror


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