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AC12-02 office chair from JL&C furniture

Classical office chair

As with all our other furniture sets, your order will arrive about 45 days after the deposit is placed. We ship in sturdy cartons contained within wooden frames to protect your furniture. You can have peace of mind knowing your furniture order will look just as good in your home study or office as it did when it left our factory.


Classical wooden office chair-  AC12-02


This study room set is one of our most popular series. When most people walk into a study room the first thing they will notice is the desk. With that in mind we designed the desk to be eye-catching with a powerful, curved design reminiscent of the wing on a flying machine. The pearl color paint, sweeping curves and ridged front surface capture the sense of luxury that is consistent in our products. The leather chair with a golden pearl color projects strength and success to all of your visitors. The set also includes three bookcases that can be placed together or be separated around the room. The left and right bookcases include hinged doors with glass panels and curtains to give you total flexibility when displaying your books, photos and souvenirs.

The study room furniture set also includes two chairs for your clients and other guests to sit in while they visit you. These chairs are cushioned on the seat and back areas. These cushions are colored to match the rest of your study room furniture and feature the classic European diamond pattern to complement the identical pattern on your own chair. Finally, these chairs are finished with a glossy piano white lacquer. This set has been carefully designed to project an aura of success, sophistication and elegance. At the same time this set is also conducive to a productive atmosphere. The desk was designed to allow quick access to anything you store within that you might need.

AC12-02 office chair from JL&C furniture AC12-02 office chair from JL&C furniture

Specification of  wooden office chair

Model No: AC12-02
Description:  office chair
Material: Carving :Silver Leaf Mat S11
Panel:Pearl white Piano Z11
Product Size (mm): 710*630*925H
Place of Original: Shanghai, China Packing Volume (M³): 0.63


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