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Rustic dining table


Rustic dining table


 Kitchen tables

Neo-classic and postmodern furniture set by JL&L Furniture can enhance the style and elegance of your home. Your dining room is the place in the house where your family and guests come together. Therefore, special planning is required in finding the right furniture for your living room. Depending on the number of members of the family, you have the idea on the numbers of chairs that will compliment your preferred table size. To ensure that you still maintain your personal taste, you can choose from contemporary, post-modern, classic, traditional, or classic designs. The quality, simplicity, and uniqueness of the furniture design allow you to create a dining room with a serene ambience.



Specification of Rustic dining table


NAME AT02-33 Rustic dining table
MARETIAL top:glossy beige stingray fish skinY02
top frame:pearl white piano11
frame:stainless steel+oka pearl white piano O20
Main material birch
flower velve
stainless steel
Subsidiary  material medium density fiberboard
Size 2036*936*750
MOQ 1 set
Delivery Time 25-40 days after order , drawing confirmed and downpayment received


Design introduction of Rustic dining table


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